• Canary Quantiles™ Recovery Curves Compare Observed Gait Performance versus Population Gait Performance During a Patient’s Recovery from Total Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Quantiles™ Recovery Curves Utilize Data Derived from Persona IQ® to Help Healthcare Professionals with Early, At-Home Identification of Patients Who Could Benefit from Additional Care

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Canary Medical, a medical data company focused on the development and commercialization of its patented implantable sensor technology and complementary data and analytics ecosystem, today announced the introduction of its first orthopedic analytic module, Canary Quantiles™ Recovery Curves. Recovery curves utilize movement data measured by Canary Medical’s proprietary implantable canturio™te tibial extension sensor technology integrated with Zimmer Biomet’s Persona IQ® – The Smart Knee®.

Persona IQ® with canturio™te tibial extension sensor technology collects various activity measures and gait parameters for at least 10 years. By pooling multiple parameters across the Persona IQ® patient population, recovery curves provide frequent, objective aggregate population data of each patient’s activity levels and knee kinematics and ranks each patient’s knee performance versus their peers based on age group, gender and time since surgery. Clinicians can now access and use this daily functional information to determine whether to augment their in-office patient examinations and/or to update their care plans in the year following surgery. Recovery curves are the world’s first and only monitoring tool available to reproducibly characterize an individual patient’s total knee replacement recovery versus objective aggregate population data obtained from identical implantable sensors.

“Using recovery curves, I’m seeing my patients more actively engaged in their surgical recovery. With this objective data, they can see and understand their own recovery trajectory as compared to other patients. If they are falling behind, we discuss ways they can potentially improve their recovery,” said Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. John M. Dundon, Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey. “In the future, I will be able to determine which patients are high risk for complications and poor outcomes many weeks faster than standard care. That information will allow me the opportunity to prevent surgical complications and proactively address patient recovery.”

“Today Canary Medical and Zimmer Biomet take the next step in our shared vision of changing the future of orthopedic post-operative care. Canary Quantiles Recovery Curves are another exciting example of our commitment to providing meaningful data and analysis to surgeons and their patients,” said Bill Hunter, M.D., Founding Member and Chief Executive Officer of Canary Medical. “Improvements in implanted sensors, power and transmission technologies enable more precise measurement and meaningful continuous monitoring to better understand and support patient post-operative care. We will soon expand the use of our implantable Canturio™ technology to other joints and implants, making Persona IQ® the first of many Zimmer Biomet products that will benefit from the data our sensors provide.”

Liane Teplitsky, President, Global Robotics and Technology & Data Solutions, Zimmer Biomet, added, “We continue to be excited about utilizing objective patient data to support and personalize care pre-, intra- and post-operatively with Persona IQ. We are working together with Canary to introduce recovery curves to customers in order to better understand how this novel information is being used and displayed prior to full integration with Zimmer Biomet’s mymobility® with Apple Watch platform, the primary user interface for Persona IQ data.”

“Knee replacement surgery is considered a highly successful procedure. And yet, researchers have noted that many patients are not satisfied with the results of surgery, and a significant subset develop complications that sometimes require further surgical intervention,” said Fred Cushner, M.D., Chief Surgical Officer, Canary Medical and Associate Professor, Hospital for Special Surgery. “High quality functional information obtained between office visits could help detect problems earlier and mitigate the severity of these complex cases. The data in recovery curves provides a wealth of real-world data never before available.”

As an implanted technology, data is collected passively with Persona IQ® via the canturiote tibial extension sensor technology every day*, from the same anatomic location, without charging or replacement. Automatic, at-home data collection and transmission places no additional compliance burdens on patients or clinicians and ensures data is regularly captured by canturio™te at an unprecedented success rate.

Canary Quantiles Recovery Curves are now available to all surgeons implanting Persona IQ® from the dashboard in their Canary Medical account and will enhance the information displayed on their mymobility dashboard. Access to Canary Quantiles is being provided free for a limited time, as the features of the platform continue to expand. Future planned releases of Canary Quantiles will continue to streamline office workflow, allowing HCPs to receive alerts for patients out of defined recovery parameters. Ultimately, Canary plans for the information available in Canary Quantiles to be used for remote patient monitoring, resulting in earlier identification of potential complications and/or adjustment of recovery plans, and to fulfill the attestation requirements for remote patient monitoring CPT code billing.

About Canary Medical
Canary Medical is a medical data company focused on the development and commercialization of its patented implantable sensor technology and complementary data and analytics ecosystem. In 2021, Canary Medical introduced canturio™te, the world’s first “smart knee” tibial extension, which is implanted in the body where it monitors patient activity and joint performance, and transmits data to the cloud, autonomously, requiring almost no patient compliance or physician involvement. The Company was conceived and created with the vision that healthcare transformation requires reliable and cost-effective healthcare data and that the effective monitoring and analysis of that data will produce better outcomes for patients at lower costs. Canary Medical is led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, researchers and data scientists globally regarded for their expertise in medical device design, development and data informatics.

For more information contact us at admin@canarymedical.com or visit www.canarymedical.com. Follow Canary Medical on Twitter at @CanaryMedical.

* Data is collected every day for the first year and intermittently thereafter

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The Canary Quantiles™ Recovery Curves software provides health care professionals (HCPs) with additional aggregate population data when managing a patient’s total knee arthroplasty (TKA) post-surgical care. HCPs can filter or select options for additional views based on patient demographics (e.g. age), to analyze trends and outcomes. The Canary Quantiles Recovery Curves software allows HCPs to view aggregate patient population data to analyze patient recovery progress and direction of outcome.

The Canary Quantiles™ Recovery Curves software does not control the function or parameters of the Canturio™ Tibial Extension (CTE) with Canary Health Implanted Reporting Processor (CHIRP™) System and is not intended for active patient monitoring.

The Canturio™ Tibial Extension Tibial Extension (CTE) with Canary Health Implanted Reporting Processor (CHIRP™) System is intended to provide objective kinematic data from the implanted medical device during a patient’s total knee arthroplasty (TKA) post-surgical care. The kinematic data are an adjunct to other physiological parameter measurement tools applied or utilized by the physician during the course of patient monitoring and treatment post-surgery.

The device is indicated for use in patients undergoing a cemented TKA procedure that are normally indicated for at least a 58mm sized tibial stem extension.

The objective kinematic data generated by the CTE with CHIRP™ System are not intended to support clinical decision-making and have not been shown to provide any clinical benefit.

The CTE with CHIRP™ System is compatible with Zimmer Biomet Persona® The Personalized Knee® System.


WARNING: The kinematic data obtained from this device have not been demonstrated to have clinical benefit. It is not intended to be utilized for clinical decision-making, and no data have been evaluated by FDA regarding clinical benefits.

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